Diet ‘to go’

Diet Delivery Service

Diet delivery services have become increasingly trendy in the Philippines recently, but don’t expect them to go away anytime soon. Not only do they provide their customers with convenience, but they also cater to the growing health-conscious market by coming up with diet plans that supposedly do not compromise the taste and quality of food. These businesses work by delivering a certain number of meals daily for a number of days per week to their customers. What makes them different is that their meals are always nutritionally balanced and freshly prepared. A lot of them have chefs and nutritionists/dieticians who work on their meal plans.

These startups don’t necessarily have physical stores, but rely more on online operations, including the use of different social media. Not surprisingly, social media really play a big role in the success and popularity of these businesses. Chef Phoebe See of the Lunchbox Diet says that they even have more customers than an average restaurant. To create customer loyalty, these food businesses change their menu regularly.


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