Baking with Precision

Some people are just clueless in the kitchen. Some, like me, just don’t know where to start. Thankfully, the solution is here in front of us! The Perfect Bake is an app controlled baking system, featuring two components: a digital scale and a mobile app. It helps you achieve perfect results by doing measurements by weight, rather than volume.

You can select a recipe from the app, and it will tell you how much of each ingredient you need. As you pour stuff into the included bowls, the scale automatically syncs with the app to tell you if it’s enough. You can even adjust the recipe to the amount of ingredients you have on hand. If you only have 200 grams of flour, the app can fix the ratio for the others so that you can still make whatever pastry you want. If you only have a small pan on hand, the app can adjust for that as well.

I find this development really exciting since it makes baking a lot more accessible than it used to be. Even I am encouraged to try baking now, since I have this app to guide and help me throughout the process. I hope I can get my own set of The Perfect Bake someday!


The Perfect Bake. Retrieved 5 May 2015, from


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